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National Association for Clean Air

The National Association for Clean Air (NACA) is a non-profit organisation established on 21 April 1969 to promote the cause of clean air in South Africa, and is today the prime technical and scientific non-governmental body in the area of air quality management in South Africa.
NACA has more than 500 members. Its members include corporate environment managers, consultants, policy makers and government representatives, research scientists, project managers, industry environment officers, and individuals all with a common interest - to promote clean air.
The association acts as a channel through which public and industrial opinions concerning air pollution problems may be communicated to regulatory authorities. The Association provided comment on the Air Quality Act both during the public comment period and at the subsequent hearings held by the Portfolio Committee on Water and Environmental Affairs. We are pleased to note that several of our proposals were included in the re-drafted Act.
NACA publishes The Clean Air Journal, a journal for those interested in air quality, air quality management, and the impacts of air pollution relevant to Africa. Information on the journal and journal archives are available online at
The association hosts an annual two-day NACA Conference which runs back to back with the Department of Environmental Affairs' Air Quality Lekgotla and includes a one-day joint workshop. The workshop may be attended free of charge.
In addition, NACA publishes a newsletter, hosts seminars, short courses, and publishes educational material on air pollution for school children. It is non-political, aiming to promote a balanced debate and improve members', skills and knowledge on air quality matters.