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National Freedom Network

Our MISSION is to serve the Network through empowering, equipping and encouraging NFN members. We do this by being a point of connection, a channel of communication and a network of collaboration for the Counter-Human Trafficking community.​

Our services include: networking, member support, case management, information sharing, advocacy and consultation, and gap areas including ad hoc victim assistance, safe house support and awareness.

More detailed information:

Existing as a backbone to bring together role players across S.A.​

Basic vetting of new members.​

Allowing a higher level of credibility in the counter-trafficking community.​

Creating the space for “one voice” in several areas of the work.​

Connecting members with others doing the same / similar work.​

Referral within a network of experts, skills and knowledge.​

Providing access to key contact points in each province.​

Amplifying and supporting the work of members. ​

Promoting members’ open counter-TIP events. ​

Representing members at the National Intersectoral Committee for Trafficking In Persons (NIC:TIP) meetings.​

Working towards better cooperation between Government and NGOs.​

Providing Counter-Trafficking information, resources and news.​

Providing a regular online platform for members to: share ideas, challenges and solutions; receive advice and guidance; and discuss relevant topics.​

Case management, including expertise and guiding advice.​

Meeting member needs, or facilitating assistance, if and when possible.​

Providing access to the Network for research within the field.​

Access to otherwise unknown opportunities.​