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National Institute for the Deaf


The vision of the National Institute for the Deaf is to develop the full potential of every person with hearing loss in the following categories in South-Africa.

Pre-lingual hearing loss:
Persons with hearing loss is a diverse group where "Deaf" with an uppercase "D" denotes Deaf people whose primary medium of communication is Sign Language, a visual & spatial language, having their own culture, Deaf culture.
They see themselves as a linguistic and cultural minority group.

Post-lingual hearing loss:
The other groupings are:
· persons who experience mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and profound hearing loss later in life;
· persons who have visual impairments and have hearing loss refers to themselves as deafblind (deafblindness is perceived as a disability separate from deafness and blindness).

All groupings are faced with enormous communication barriers and inequality when they want/need to access services and community processes.
Often they are left out when decisions are made that affect their and their family's lives. As such they form a disadvantaged and vulnerable group.

The mission of the National Institute for the Deaf is:
 To empower all persons with hearing loss to attain their full potential through education, development, training, social services and spiritual care
 To provide these services and make them accessible to persons with hearing loss
 To promote charitable activities, in particular to develop and care for needy and multiple disabled persons with hearing loss and
 To raise funds for these purposes