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National Writers Association of South Africa

NWASA is an assembly of aspirant and established writers who gather to develop, promote, share and disseminate literature and their literary works among themselves and the general public in South Africa and beyond. It was established on 25 May 2018 out of the need for a national writers’ movement that will advocate for literature, advance and defend the rights and interests of writers and work towards the development of the quality of writing, readership, publishing and distribution of literature.

NWASA is spread across all provinces in South Africa through its membership where it intends to establish offices; with Gauteng as the headquarters.

NWASA is administered as a Non Profit-making Company (NPC) through institutional systems and mechanisms like a Constitution and various executive and operational structures at national, provincial and local levels through which members meet as and when required to discuss and agree on issues related to literature and their implementation. It is registered legally with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and South African Revenue Service (SARS).

NWASA has a wide range of literary activities that include but not limited to workshops, seminars, lectures, performances, and publishing.