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Nation Builders

We are a non profit organization that was initiated in 2015 by Annet Michelle Sewraj. Nation Builders values the important role that women, youth and children play in our society and believe that an investment made into their development will transform and uplift our
communities and nation.
We endeavour to improve the wholistic well-being of children and youth via various programmes and trainings as well as to
champion and advocate the rights of
children. Nation Builders also strives to empower and resource the women of South Africa to become significant contributors to the development and betterment of our nation. By equipping them through different workshops seminars and skills development programmes we believe the the women of our communities can become fundamental builders of society.

What we do

- Protect, teach and train the next generation to become the future builders of our nation.
- Empower and equip women to rise up in every sphere and domain as our country’s nation builders.
- Advocate the rights of children, youth and women.

We empower the community with the following programmes:
Skills Development
Empowerment of Women
Adult Basic Education & Training
Entrepreneurial Skills
Career Counselling for Young People
Life Skills Training for Children & Youth
We offer seminars & workshops on:
Business Mentoring

About our founder

Annet Michelle Sewraj, the visionary and founder of Nation Builders has a passion to see South Africa reconstructed and reformed so that we can flourish and prosper collectively as a people.
Her vision is to transform communities through the empowerment and upliftment of women, youth and children.
She holds a degree in Psychology and has been actively engaged in counselling and rehabilitation for the past 18 years.
She also holds a post graduate qualification in Education and has been teaching since 2004.
Michelle is also a certified trainer and assessor and is the director of Battle-Axe Dev. and
Transformation Systems, a training and
development company.
Her love and flare for events planning has caused her to be at the helm of Groundbreakers Conference Centre and Cafe, where she functioned as one of the directors.
Amongst her other accolades, she has completed a course in leadership through the World
Breakthrough School based on Trinidad.
Michelle has been involved in the upliftment and development of people and communities for over 12 years.
She has been a speaker at various conferences and seminars locally, nationally and internationally, as well as hosted numerous workshops, training programmes and seminars.
She also serves as a member of the KDM Ballito Ward Committee since 2011.
Michelle together with her husband Nel have been pastoring at a local church
GROUNDBREAKERS for the past 18 years.
Amongst the many roles she fulfils her most
important ones, by far , are that of wife to her
husband Nel, and mother to her two beautiful children Zara and Zion.
Her goal and mission is to see every individual, family and community positively impacted and transformed and rise up to take their role as nation builders in our
beautiful South