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NEAD COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NPC - Now Empowering Achievable Dreams - is a registered nonprofit organization that has been designed specifically to uplift Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain and the surrounding communities on the Cape Flats of the Western Province in South Africa. We work in a holistic way; incorporating individuals from all walks of life and by doing so empower the community as a whole. NEAD is a nonprofit organization with a dual mission: (1) committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of a sustainable and progressive economic and social development environment and (2) to provide community development services that are constitutionally sound and upholds the human rights of local communities in South Africa.

To empower the community with the tools and opportunities for them to reach their dreams and the future they desire.

It all began in 2014 when The Founder, Joanie Fredericks got fed up with the terrible crime situation and socio economic challenges the Tafelsig community faced. She realized that if something needs to be done about the situation, she was the one to do it. In 2015 she was joined by Mogamad Salie and Bathembu Kokose who believed in her vision and together they founded the NEAD COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT NPC organization. Tafelsig is located in Mitchells Plain, part of the so-called Cape Flats of the Western Cape and known for all the wrong reasons. Ruled by different violent gangs, poverty is at the order of the day and children spend their days scampering for food or collecting scrap to sell to be able to buy food instead of going to school. There is very little if any official research about the problem but if conducted, research will confirm the high prevalence of unemployment, cramped and poor housing conditions, sexual violence, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, early school drop outs, low literacy, alcohol and drug abuse and HIV/AIDS in this neglected community. Research will no doubt also expose lack of comprehensive programmes to address these social ills as well as the absence of support services to persons whose lives are affected by the socio economic conditions. By just visiting the local clinic, talking to community members and noticing the increasing number of unfed children on the streets, it is clear that the Tafelsig community has reached a point of complete apathy where no one is willing to take charge and do something for themselves and the greater community. This contextual overview paints a bleak picture for the future of youth in the community and it is against this backdrop that the NEAD organization is working tirelessly to restore human dignity and create opportunities for the community of Tafelsig and surrounding areas.

To empower the community to regain self worth, work for personal, academic and career achievement and to create opportunities against all odds for a better future tomorrow.

NEAD believes that in order to provide holistic services to the whole community, we must work with all sectors of the community i.e. adults; youth; men; women; service providers such as schools, the police, government, business and other nonprofit organizations. We do our work within the framework of 6 main project objectives:

1. Human Rights & Constitutional Law
2. Community Development
3. Women and Children
4. Youth Leadership Development
5. Job Creation and Enterprise Development
6. Organizational Support for Nonprofits and SMME’s

Our Principles are built on five pillars
 Integrity
 Respect
 Humanity
 Compassion
 Inclusive

 We listen to the needs of our beneficiary communities
 We act quickly and give fast feedback
 When we make a promise, we keep our word
 We treat our beneficiaries with humanity