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New Frontier Development Agency

Community Development is at the heart of everything we do at NFDA and what drives us.
This is currently fulfilled through projects providing clean water to communities,
Creating employment through agricultural and preservation projects
and Training and Development of unemployed youth.
Reunite and reintegrate individuals with their families and communities
and Establish and coordinate networking forums on Health,
Education and Personal transformation.
It is the mission of the New Frontier Development Agency to empower individuals and groups in communities
to reach their full potential to live healthy and fulfilled lives
We see communities in which individuals and families live in harmony with their environment
NFDA requires everyone involved with our organisation to understand
and respect the rules we live and work by.
The Word of God is the foundation for conduct.
We believe in Accountability:
By members of NFDA to the leadership and structures of the organization.
By NFDA to our Sponsors and Funders.
By the community and beneficiaries towards the specifications and requirements
of projects implemented by NFDA.