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Taste and See

Birthed out of New Generation Church�s 245 Fund (which exists to care for the impoverished within the church community) Taste + See is a collaboration of several local churches in the Basin teaming together with the broader public to serve the local community.

Every week we put together food parcels for those in the Helderberg who need them most.

These parcels include essential food items and other basics such as candles, toilet paper and sanitary towels. The food has been determined in consultation with a nutritionist and a dietician to ensure that it is nutritious, palatable and culturally acceptable.

Our food parcels cost R400 and are enough to feed a family of four for a week or one person for four weeks.

While the virus itself poses a significant threat, the more immediate concern int eh Helderberg are the hundreds of people going hungry each day.

Across our nation, despite physical distancing, people are reaching out to one another in beautiful new ways. People are realising the value of human life. They�re realising that people matter more than things. They�re realising that in order for me and mine to do well, you and yours need to do well. They�re realising that we all have a role to play.