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According to Stats SA, 43% of young children live with only their biological mothers. They further state that majority of these single mothers live in poverty.

The stats are frightening, simply in Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital alone, 17000 babies are born a year with 700 stillborns and 280 neonatal deaths. Government hospital care is like gambling you can either win the jackpot or lose tremendously. Is this a problem, yes but how do we deal with this problem?

Just because problems present themselves doesn’t mean we have to let them get us down. Instead of wishing the problems away we can simply wish to be able to deal with the problems in a way that doesn’t impede on happiness of others. It may sound crazy since most of us are programmed to let problems get the better of us, but they’ll undoubtedly crop up, and if they do it’s not the time to get grumpy, disappointed, or down, it’s the time to get excited about how you’re going to solve it like a pro.
New Mama Goals
Our goal is to distribute ‘happiness’ through our New MaMa Packs. If we receive one smile from a mommy through the gifting of a New MaMa a gift – it was all worth it!

I was privileged enough to have my beautiful daughter with all the luxurious of a private hospital, loving husband, 3 nights in hospital to recover, parents and friends to support and all the essential items for mom and baba as well as more…

These ‘luxuries’ by no means made the birth of my daughter and first few days any less daunting but it did help to make my life and my daughter’s just that little bit easier.

We at New MaMa would like to offer underprivileged mommies a little gift within the first few days of giving birth to show their importance as women and make them feel loved! Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their lives!

We are not a large corporate, simply another two mommies therefore we rely on donations or any financial contributions to help assist us with the New MaMa – ‘Welcome to the World’ gifts.