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Stand Up 4 Freedom is a Membership Based Movement/Organization which will form alliances with certain organizations who supports all the principles and topics this organizations stands for.
We Stand Up for:
Liberty & True Justice
Health Freedom
Medical Freedom
True, Ethical, Logical, Independent Evidence Based Science
Food Freedom / Agricultural Freedom
NO Forced Vaccinations (It’s Your Choice if you want to be vaccinated)
NO Human Microchip Identification Implant
NO Invasion of Privacy / Freedom of Privacy
NO Forced Testing for Covid-19 or any Coronavirus
NO Forced Removal of citizen into government quarantine camps under the name of Covid-19
NO 5G towers/equipment installed/operated without 85% of the specific area’s inhabitants written consent
Freedom of Speech / Freedom to Think / Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Communication, News Reporting and Journalism / Media Freedom
Freedom of Religion / Freedom of Belief
Freedom of Information
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Trade
Freedom of Economic Growth
Freedom to Generate your own electricity with no governmental taxes or interference
Freedom to protect yourself
Freedom for Crypto currencies
Quality Education- Freedom to choose where your child will learn and at what standard/curriculum
True Equality (Not Based on race)
Separation of Church and State (No Interference)(Freedom from political interference)
Freedom to take responsibility for your own health and body
Establishment of another Medical Council in South Africa