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Nine Miles Project

Nine Miles project was established in 2013, when founder Nigel Savel had a vision through the eyes of surfing for the now drug and crime infested community he spent most of his youth in. Having moved out of the community for two years prior to starting the project, he noticed such deterioration in many of the youth and young adults each time he returned to visit. Through a combination of lack of opportunity, the absence of positive mentorship and (for some) extremely impoverished circumstances; many had fallen victim to drugs and other destructive lifestyle habits. The drug epidemic seemed to spread faster than anyone would expect and even those close to Nigel were soon trapped in these destructive addictions that had webbed the community.

Whilst growing up, surfing had offered Nigel Savel an escape as it required discipline, focus and commitment. Surfing, his coaches and other positive mentors helped him to become goal driven in life and because of that he was able to escape the plight that threatened him and his peers. Seeing that many others had not been so fortunate and seemed trapped in a place they could not get themselves out of caused Nigel and his wife Sher'Neil Savel to be so moved with compassion that they had to act and start an organization that would stand in the gap to give a lost generation support and hope for a better tomorrow…. This is how Nine Miles Project was conceived. It was formally registered on 26 March 2013 and was officially birthed/ launched with a Community Invitational Surf Challenge on 25th May 2013.

Nine Miles Project strives to be an organization with a clear vision and a passion for the future. It’s goal is to be an effective community-based not-for-profit organisation that provides holistic support to impoverished and high risk youth and that “goes the distance” with them to make what would otherwise have seemed impossible (based on family backgrounds, negative environments and financial circumstances), possible!

The Nine Miles Project is specifically designed for youth from surrounding coastal informal settlements and communities. Through surfing, academic support, literacy classes, mentoring, and life coaching young people are equipped with skills, given opportunities and provided with the necessary support to facilitate their success, develop their talents and to help them make the most of the opportunities created for their complete social participation and enhancement.

To transform society through effective youth development, empowerment and integration.

Through the provision of supplementary education, rehabilitation, life skills and leadership programmes, including sports (namely surfing) 9Miles Project equips socially destitute & high risk youth with the necessary skills & support to enable them to achieve success and become effective mentors, leaders and agents of change in their communities.