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Noah (Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity)is a registered non-profit organisation with the sole focus of building the capacity of communities to care for their orphaned and vulnerable children. In response to the realization that we face an "epidemic of orphans" following the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity (Noah), was conceptualized in 2000. Noah works on franchising community-based models of orphan care through which motivated individuals from communities are guided to set up their own community of care (Ark). An Ark is a network of accountable and synergistic support armed with the skills and confidence to care for its orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC).
For Noah, an OVC programme intervention includes activities aimed at improving the lives of children and families directly affected by HIV and AIDS-related morbidity and or mortality. The emphasis is on strengthening communities to meet the needs of OVC affected by HIV/AIDS, supporting community-based responses, helping OVC and adolescents meet their own needs, and creating a supportive social environment for these children. The communities are our greatest supporters and believe in our model.
To date Noah has over 20,000 children on its database that receive services in 3 provinces namely KwaZulu, Natal, Gauteng and North west respectively.
Noah’s aim is to help the staggering number of children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa to mature into emotionally and psychologically stable adults capable of forming lasting and loving relationships, of being nurturing parents to their own children and responsible and participative citizens of South Africa. This cannot be done by government, corporates or NGOs alone and it is only through partnerships that we will be able to mitigate the orphan crisis facing South Africa

Noah’s overall goal is to support communities to improve the quality of life of their orphaned and vulnerable children and their families, and to sustain such, in key areas of health (nutrition, physical and emotional), education and economic status.