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Good day,
We are a non-profit, section 21 registered company based in the South Durban 
Basin area of Durban, South Africa. Our organization is based and operates 
in an area called Wentworth. Wentworth is predominantly a coloured South 
African occupied township. Current population is between 5 500-6 500.
A short history: In the 1960s the Apartheid era, colored people, mostly 
renters from other regions, were relocated to the swamps and mostly 
unoccupied land of Wentworth (also known as Austerville). Despite the fact 
that Wentworth is a relatively industrialized area, most people in the area 
live below the poverty line. This industrial housing site was strategically 
planned by the Apartheid Government who ensured that the neighbouring 
refineries were able to enjoy cheap labour from these poorly educated 
We specialise in skills and entrepreneur development and was established in 
2007. Our only funding received since 2007 was from a government body called 
SETA's and the Mondi Group. The SETA funded R252 000-00 in 2011 for 63 
learners and now in 2012 R75 000-00 for 15 learners. Mondi funded R50 000-00 
in 2010 - we trained 6 learners and in 2011, R60 000 which we added to from 
local businessmen and trained 12 learners. 35% has found employment and 10% 
are self-employed. We find it difficult accessing funding. Can you assist 
We have registration documentation with our S.A Companies Registrar, Notary 
Constitution, Valid bank account (cheque book), Audited financial statements 
and company profile.