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N Sewraj

Groundbreakers began in 2000 although the name Groundbreakers was only birth in 2004 out of a prophetic decree. From their inception God called Groundbreakers to be a territorial governing church - a church that has authority in the spirit to push back the powers of hell and to take back cities and nations for God. In the decade that followed, and after countless trainings processes, Groundbreakers produced a strong apostolic and prophetic company of people – a real force to be reckoned with.

Originally based in KwaDukuza Stanger, Groundbreakers continued as a ministry within the town until 2008. During this time the church consolidated its ministry through various leadership, training and development programmes and youth conferences. Some of these included:
 Schools of Succession – conferences for the holistic development of youth
 Champions School of Ministry – a one-year course for church leaders
 Apostolic leadership conferences – for pastors & leaders
 The Next Level – an itinerant youth programme conducted at various churches

In 2005 Groundbreakers embraced an entrepreneurial edge when they ventured into the marketplace. They simultaneously launched three in-house ventures to raise funds - a café, a Christian bookshop and a conference centre. These ventures boosted church finances, increased ministry impact, and established a rapport within the community at large. Groundbreakers had the privilege of playing host to local businessmen, local government officials and parliamentarians.

Subsequent to prophetic directives and godly counsel, Groundbreakers moved to Ballito in 2009.
They began henceforth to become a voice of righteousness within society. They have addressed many controversial issues within society, penetrated the political arena and strategically positioned themselves in local government representing the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). They maintain that it is the prerogative of the Church to rule and reign with Christ and to manifest His Kingdom government here on the earth.