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Nthuse Foundation

The Nthuse Foundation is a non-profit organisation which focuses on skills development programmes for youth with disabilities and youth from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

We at the Nthuse Foundation pride ourselves on an approach which integrates students (disabled / historically disadvantaged) into a mainstream educational setting. We partner with excellent training providers, and through our advanced and successful training, learning and assessment process we have the ability to assist many students.

Our training providers’ courses are developed to assist companies in developing and enhancing their capacity. Courses cover all the areas of what is required to be successful employees. Students are “hand-picked”, interviewed and have to meet a high selection standard in order for them to be placed onto any of the programmes.

The students disabilities vary from physical, sensory, psychiatric, dyslexia and learning disabilities. The Nthuse Foundation’s aim is to assist youth with disabilities within this range. By integrating our disabled students with non-disabled students we are creating awareness that disability is a way of life and not a separate society.

We would like to offer students the opportunity to obtain a certificate, diploma or degree. This will ensure that the students acquire the necessary qualification and skills to enter a competitive and demanding job market.

The Nthuse Foundation is partnered with accredited training providers.

Our project also aims to build a pipeline of youth with disabilities for different organisations to absorb them into different aspects of their business units and also to give the youth an opportunity to grow and develop into people who can add value to their communities, families and the overall growth of this country through education.