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OC Africa

OC AFRICA EQUIPS - we facilitate effective training through local seminars, conferences, personal discipleship, mentoring, and coaching.
OC AFRICA NETWORKS - we build bridges of communication between church leaders, denominations, and ministries to help complete the Great Commission.
OC AFRICA ENCOURAGES - we partner with you, making on-site visits to discern needs and opportunities to help develop your leadership and vision.

COACHING AND TRAINING- sharpen and strengthen your leadership vision and effectiveness.
NETWORKING - meet and partner with church, denominational, and ministry leaders in Southern Africa.
RESEARCH - gain an understanding of your church and community through relevant information.

RESEARCH: Christian leaders, churches, denominations and networks studied to determine health and growth needs and community and national realities assessed to identify ministry focus.

TRAINING: Contextual training created and African trainers developed to address practical priority needs according to the vision and mission.

COACHING: Emerging and established leaders mentored in a network of coaches toward vision and mission fulfillment.

NETWORKING: Christian leaders assisted to implement mobilization strategies and to facilitate strategic partnerships in their church, denomination, network, nation, region and city.

OC AFRICA offers a range of ministries including:

Leadership Development
Church Planting
Church Health
Mentoring and Coaching
Children and Youth Ministries
Marriage and Family