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The Red Wings Project

The Red Wings Project (RWP) is an initiative aimed at eradicating the lack of sanitation and misery of disadvantaged women and girls unable to access adequate sanitary products and care. RWP is a registered NGO.
The Red Wings Project aims to have equal and fair distribution and availability of sanitary products and facilities for women in South Africa regardless of race and economic status. We also aim to educate and abolish the stigmas associated with women and their periods. We:
• Create awareness around the lack of sanitation faced by a major portion of South African women and girls though various workshops at schools and public places
• Donate sanitary products to the disadvantaged and homeless women and girl, and shelters
• Eradicate the taboos of women feeling humiliated when their menstruation periods start
• Call on policy makers to make women sanitary products available to the underprivileged