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Open Arms

Open Arms is a project of Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary in Durban, a crisis home for abused, abandoned and hiv infected babies and children.

I started this project because I am very concerned about the amount of babies that are abandoned in the street, bins, bushes etc.

I know that sometimes the step to the welfare is very high and it takes up to much time, what most of the mother don't have as the are in a panic and need to get out of the situation as soon as possible.

But abandoning a baby is a crime and beside that it is not good for the baby.

We must always keep in mind that the baby never chose to be born and we need to do what is the best for baby and the mother.

We are having a baby drop box, were mothers can drop their baby in if they feel that they cannot care for their baby.
It is not being a careless mother and bad to do, it even makes the mother even more of a good mother. Because she know that you cannot give the baby what it deserves, and by giving it up for adoption she is to give her baby a future by a forever family.

Open Arms is non-judgmental, I will help and advice were possible.

When a baby is put in the drop box we will contact a social worker to deal with the case.