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Operation Antifreeze

Operation Antifreeze has been making a difference in our community for the last 20 years.

Every month we provide food parcels to 640 children underprivileged children across Ekurhuleni. For some of them their only meal for the day is the lunch that their school provides. Sadly many of them don't eat from lunchtime on a Friday until they receive their lunch on a Monday. The food parcels we supply ensure they have something to eat over the weekends. With the schools being closed so much at the moment and so many people losing their jobs the need for the food parcels we supply is greater than ever.

At the beginning of each year we supply them with stationery so that they can have a good start to their school year, at the start of winter we provide them with a blanket as many of them live in tents and shacks. Then at the end of the year we provide them with a Christmas hamper, which is a much more substantial food parcels to ensure that they have something to eat during the holidays.