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Operation Healing Hands NPC

Operation Healing Hands is a non-profit organization registered by doctors in the
South African private sector. It was launched as a Mandela Day initiative in 2016.
Mandela Day initiatives such as OHH strive to honour the legacy of Mr Nelson
Mandela by doing good and changing the lives of those in need.
Since its launch two years ago, OHH has treated over 280 underprivileged
patients in various surgical disciplines. OHH recruits hospitals, surgeons,
anaesthetists and paramedici to provide free surgery and post-operative care,
and also takes care of all the other arrangements and payments of extra
Not only are OHH patients able to return to work and contribute to the economy
again, due to an improvement in their quality of life, but the demand on South
African state hospitals are also alleviated through the work done by OHH in the
private sector.