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Oranjezicht City Farm

Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF) is an educational non-profit project celebrating local food and community. Formerly a bowling green constructed in the 1950s and unused for decades, the site comprises part of the original farm, ‘Oranje Zigt’, established in 1709. OZCF seeks to re-connect the Oranjezicht neighbourhood and the rest of Cape Town to this neglected piece of heritage through education and vegetable gardening and to use it as a catalyst to build social cohesion, develop skills, educate residents and their children about food and environmental issues, and champion unused or under-utilised public green spaces in the city.

Founded by local community volunteers who are invigorated by the process of growing and selling food within a supportive community in the heart of Cape Town, our vision is for a more self-reliant economy in which we are active participants. The ultimate aim is that we are able to build an alternative food system that is better for people, animals and the planet and in which we rely on the power of community and our own two hands.