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Ori Foundation

The Ori Foundation’s vision is for South Africa to embrace the importance of creative individuals in both the corporate and cultural domains. We hope to encourage creative fields to open their arms to greater diversity within their industries, and support a future where creative education is accessible to all.

To accomplish this, the Ori Foundation assists South African youths in overcoming the financial, educational and cultural barriers they face on their journey into creative industries.

Together with our benefactors, we raise funds to educate brilliant, but underprivileged students in digital arts, multimedia, fashion and other creative fields. This not only aids budding designers and developers in fulfilling their vocational aspirations, but also rallies behind the overarching need for transformation in our diverse country.

Ori is also strongly committed to helping companies, families and individuals understand the importance of creative thinking and the arts in business and society as we endeavour to futureproof our country for the 4th industrial revolution and the emerging careers that will sculpt the modern reality.

Ori is a metaphysical concept originating with the Yoruba people of West Africa. It refers to one’s spiritual intuition and destiny, and the spark of human consciousness embedded in us all.