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Orphans Birthday and Christmas Projects

Every child has the right to be happy. Our vision is to not only help orphans celebrate their birthdays and Christmas but we hope to also alleviate inner self critic, inspire them to dream and teach them about self - appreciation.

Orphans Birthday Project

Based on extensive research, it was determined that most if not all orphanages across South Africa celebrate the orphans´┐Ż birthdays in the simplest most common way of just buying a birthday cake due to financial constraints.

This special programme aims to not only teach orphans about self-appreciation but also aims to make them feel valued, appreciated and loved by helping them celebrate their special day by taking them out to the movies, spa, bowling, ice skating, meeting and greeting people they look up to etc and most of all, making it memorable.

Orphans Christmas Project

This is a yearly programme which is designed to help orphans at orphanages celebrate their Christmas and make them realize that they too matter and have not been forgotten. These children are assessed for their Christmas gift wishes and then the organization fulfills their wishes on Christmas day. We turn those boring Christmas lunches into something not only exciting and fun but therapeutic and empowering as well. The purpose of this programme is to make the orphans feel valued, special and appreciated.