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Paarl Youth Social Club

We, the members of the Paarl Youth Sports Social Club, firmly commit ourselves to a united Paarl, free of mass unemployment, mass poverty, mass inequalities and economic exploitation. We believe that this can only be achieved under the leadership of an organised and united youth. Our experience has taught us that to achieve this goal we must:
(a) fight and oppose discrimination in all its forms within the organisation, sports and in society;
(b) strive for maximum unity amongst organised youth and organise every unorganised youth into our sports and social organisation;
(c) ensure that all levels of our Organisation are democratically controlled by the youth themselves through elected committees.
We call on all youth that identify with these principles and aims to join us and the youth we represent, as youth in the struggle ahead. We call on all youth to set aside any prejudices that they may have and strive for absolute unity.

The aims and objects of the Club shall be:
(a) To promote or defend the socio-economic interest of youth and
(b) To promote, organise and generally to encourage, assist and to protect
the interest of the game of the players and officials;
(c) To support the spirit and principle of democracy in all the Club’s activities;
(d) To end all forms of discrimination in sports;
(e) To struggle for safe and healthy sports environment;
(f) To create friendly understanding with other Clubs, and promote mutual understanding among its members (players and supporters);
(g) To arrange or sanction or control and regulate tours by the Club;
(h) To raise funds in any lawful way which the Management Committee agrees to;
(i) To establish and administer funds for the benefit of members and their dependants;
(j) To keep proper books of account and to invest the surplus funds of the Club in any lawful way which the Management Committee agrees to;
(k) To do all such things as are identical or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.