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PACUMFSA is a Professional registered Network of Church Leaders nationwide. Our main aim is to purify the gospel, connect churches and leaders with the same doctrine. To further create a platform for different gifts in the Body of Christ. Other services includes to assist churches with admin, Church registering, PTY, CC, NPO, NPC, Incorporation, auditing, businesses, marriage officer licensing, and church build, Bible studies, mentoring, financial advice, Moral and Social Development. Develop and maintain a Nationwide Church Leaders online profile verification system.


To promote co-operation between churches, church communities, schools, Social departments, Local, Provincial and National Government. Enhance the spirit of mutual aid, assistance to fraternities, Networking or any umbrella body, amongst churches and individuals, informal and formal groupings in South Africa and abroad.


Create religious, social and business opportunities amongst the church groupings, and different stakeholders in society, as well as the previous disadvantaged groupings. Connect church leaders, churches, individuals with the same doctrine, purify the gospel and to promote Christianity.