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Partners for sustainable development solutions

Partners for Sustainable Development Solutions (PSDS) is a grassroots organisation with experience and expertise in community-based interventions. We facilitate specialised projects on child prtection, HIV-AIDS prevention and awareness, gender-based violence. These foundational projects create sustainable development in support of vulnerable groups such as women and children, refugees and asylum seekers, and other persons with heightened vulnerabilities.
Our core competencies are in psycho-social support, project development, and implementation, collaborative research at the local, national and global levels. We concentrate on the integration of technology and innovation tools as gateways to deliver on the aforementioned drives. Our goal is to collaboratively develop transformative, innovative and holistic solutions to issues of child labour, abuse, exploitation and violence against women and children.
Our vision is " Advocating for a society where women, children and other vulnerable populations live in dignity.Our mission is to be a growing catalyst for elimination of abuses against women and children by advancing development and transformative changes that strengthen and diversify household economies and opportunities.