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The PDSA (SA) is a welfare veterinary health care service provider – much like a state hospital for people – with the differences being that our clients are animals whose owners cannot afford private veterinary healthcare. We do not receive any government

The PDSA does not engage in prosecution cases or in the re-homing of animals, rather, we focus our resources in the provision of the best welfare veterinary health care service possible, for animals whose owners, are from poorer communities. We strongly emphasize and insist on the sterilization of animals – to prevent unwanted litters and to improve the health of the adult animal – we sterilize animals on a daily basis, in each of our hospitals and undertake spay campaigns in areas, where there are no veterinary services available. The PDSA (SA)’s achievements include the fact that, we treat at least 250 000 companion animals each year. Without our intervention, these animals would not have received any veterinary treatment.