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Peace Ushers Foundation (PUF)

Background Information Peace Ushers Foundation's Background:
Created from the same stock, it is decreed that humanity should belong to the same household; for in His presence, all are His servants, all are sheltered beneath His Tabernacle and all partake equally from His incalculable and immeasurable bounties. Thus have we been created to work together, to carry forward an ever advancing civilization; material and spiritual, which will make this world a mirror image of heaven. If this be the generational impulse animating our existence, then we may say, it is time to move forward with cultural civilization; within which lies beauty but which lack of in-depth appreciation has made it seem a source of contention. We have indeed grown from families to groups, to villages, to towns and cities to nations and this is the day for globalization. We must therefore in this day, glorify not in that we love ourselves or our village or our nation alone but rather, let us glorify in that we love our kind - the human race. It is time to move from self patriotism to human patriotism; it is time to move from selfish pride to the pride of a united human race-moving forward and onwards towards the eternal peace and civilization pre-ordained for man. PUF is born of the reality that; we have unique aspects of cultures and it is these uniqueness of cultures that if appreciated, uphold and blended in prudence, then this united beauty of cultures, shall make a master piece rainbow beauty. Let us form a rainbow culture by appreciating our uniqueness and uniting to proof the unravel strength of the rainbow. In the glacier age, we were one, in biological analysis, we are all one and by virtue of creation we are all one.
We will all accept that, it is population movement caused by inheritance crisis; search for fertile and grazing land for developing countries coupled with sovereignty crisis, arms race theory, and supremacy race theory, colonialism…that had displaced most or all of our similar origins. Most of Cameroon in particular and Africa in general had descended from common clans, explaining why most of our languages, traditional laws, dressings and dances are so similar. Without insinuating in the slightest sense that we will give up our sovereignty as individual cultures, without imagining that villages or nations should give up their integrity, merge land and governance or reduce surface areas of their land, without implying that we shall forget our unique celebrations, signs and symbols- PUF seeks to rejuvenate us to recall, appreciate and uphold our historical, religious, biological and ethical realities of oneness. It is this common origin that makes our plurality uniqueness to culminate into a singular uniqueness for the peace of our fatherlands/nations/world.
At this very critical juncture of our evolutionary history, when natural forces and manmade forces are threatening our existence with extinction, instead of fighting, dividing, killing ourselves and giving room for already identified enemies which disunity is making it difficult to handle, it will be best to sink our material differences and form a common united front to fight our common global enemies of global warming, HIV/AIDS, economic depressions and others. Let us lower walls into bridges, let’s take our brothers and sisters by the hand and walk across the bridge to the land of peace.
Our innocent fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and children whose memorials have been caused by our human immaturity, manifested in tribal conflict, civil tensions and international wars, may their souls partake of celestial rest. May these days, with these inspiration and participations raise up memorial activities that will beseech them to intercede for us, that will caused them, the saints, the angels of heaven to rejoice and guide us towards that golden age of universal peace.
Let us heretofore, take active ownership of destiny, let us change for change, for now is the time. Let us unite, for unity is security, unity is guarantee, unity in diversity is beauty.