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People Of Africa

The People of Africa Foundation propagates the indomitable spirit of Africa by profiling - using self-narratives, personal knowledge networks and other methodologies - Africa's intellectual and ethical resources in an affirmative, transformative and developmental manner.


In so articulating and depicting individual African heroes - celebrated or unsung - we should showcase our example and inspiration in ways that propels dreams of prosperity, common humanity and social justice into reality, especially as forged through the power of human linkages, social commitment, solidarity and shared knowledge. Apply a holistic approach with innovative and sustainable solutions driven by the most viable and progressive layers of social consciousness and resourcefulness, set among supportive social, economic and other key stakeholders at every level.

"As we share our personal stories with others, fantasize future scenarios, and identify with or partake in the stories of others, we constitute and reconstitute our identities within their physical, cultural, and historical contexts. The roots of narrative and identity thus merge, inextricably embedded and nurtured in the soil of human action." Mark R. Gover

"In a rapidly changing world, it is impossible to document all that people know. It is far more effective to establish relationships between people in which they can jointly experiment with new ideas and gain confidence in their ability to modify solutions for implementation in their own particular contexts." International Institute for Sustainable Development