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The Public Health Association of South Africa wants to build an association of those involved in health and health-related activities to promote greater equity in health in South Africa.

PHASA advocates equitable access to the basic conditions necessary to achieve health for all South African as well as equitable access to effective health care. PHASA will work with other public health associations and related organisations and advocate on national and international issues that impact on the conditions for a healthy society.

PHASA has the following objectives:
◾To advocate for the conditions for a healthy society
◾To build an effective organisation
◾To create a multi-disciplinary environment of professional exchange and debate, study and activity through meetings, conferences and workshops for interested people
◾To promote teaching and research in public health issues
◾To support the publication of relevant materials
◾To network with other public health organisations and related organisations
◾To encourage and facilitate measures for disease prevention and health promotion