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Philippi Childrens Centre

The Centre is a creche and pre-school for children from three months to six years. It was started over 25 years ago for families from the Philippi farming community and now also serves children from surrounding townships.
Our children include those who are challenged, either mentally or physically. Sadly some have fetal alcohol syndrome. This is caused by the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy. There is no cure but skilled help at an early age aids behavioral problems.
Parenting classes are also held and the Centre reaches out to the wider community.
In 1999 the Centre became an NPO (non profit organization).
The Centre is proud of its high standards. It offers real education, not just a child minding service. Children hear three languages - English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.
It has developed into a flagship pre-school for township and rural children and has become a resource and training centre to uplift other creches and pre-schools in the area.