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Pinelands Muslim Association

As a representative body for the Pinelands Muslim community, the Pinelands Muslim Association (PMA) is responsible for a range of educational and social outreach projects. Most of these projects are based at, or co-ordinated from the Pinelands Islamic Centre. The Centre serves as a hub for communal prayers and Madrassah (Muslim school). Together with the local Muslim community, and as an expression of our social responsibility, the PMA operates: a soup kitchen (active thrice/week),which distributes food to approximately 600 people per week; sandwiches for Red Cross Children’s Hospital (every Tuesday); and an Outreach programme, which provides children at orphanages and places of safety with clothing, underwear, shoes and toiletries. These projects are an integral part of the PMA, and its ongoing success is entirely dependent on the goodwill and donations of others.