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What we do?

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board works proactively to promote better plumbing practices that;

providing a comprehensive registration system for plumbers
encouraging and monitoring the performance of plumbers
protect the health and safety of the community and environment
integrity of the water supply and waste water systems

PIRB is a trusted professional body as recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The benefits of being a SAQA recognised professional body:

Recognition as trusted professional bodies through an Act of Parliament
Part of a national database of professional bodies that uphold high standards of competence and ethics
Registration of professional designations on the most comprehensive national database of learner achievements
Exposure to best practice through access to fora that improve professional bodies’ functions

Therefore, the PIRB, as a professional body promotes:

* Quality assurance within the plumbing industry
* Development of standards in the NQF environment
* Strengthening accountability within the plumbing profession
* Pride in the plumbing industry
* Fair policies and practices
SAQA Professional Body Recognition Number: PIRB831

PIRB Objectives

To effectively administer a live and updated plumbing registration system in South Africa
To promote and encourage the upliftment of the training and skills development at all levels in the plumbing sector, in terms of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
To promote, monitor and maintain expertise and competencies among industry professionals
To work with the community to address concerns and resolve complaints about work carried out by plumbers
To monitor compliance to technical standards of plumbing work through professional industry plumbing inspectors and there by assisting authorised local and central government bodies with the enforcement of plumbing compliance
To promote plumbing practices that protect the environment, the health and safety of consumers; and the integrity and sustainability of the water supply, waste water, hot water heating and solar water heating systems; through the application and enforcement of South African National Standards and Codes of Practice
To actively promote and support a consistent and effective regulatory environment throughout South Africa
To regularly consult and liaise with the plumbing industry and with authorised bodies related to the industry, in an open forum, free of any political or commercial agenda, for the discussion of matters affecting the plumbing industry and the role of plumbing for the safety and well-being of the whole community and protecting the integrity and sustainability of the water supply and waste water systems