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Solving the problems of crime, poverty, unemployment, inequality and environmental sustainability requires courage, passion, willingness and above all, a sense of domestic and global cohesion between ordinary people, private enterprise and government agencies working in collaboration with one another. It requires ‘working together’ in partnership with other stakeholders, which is at the heart of Planting HOPE Foundation. We cannot take care of the needs of the most vulnerable citizens of humanity on our own – we need your help and support to fulfill those needs.

With the help and support of like-minded partners, donors and philanthropists from around the world and in collaboration with local, provincial and national levels of government and other faith-based and humanitarian agencies and enterprises, Planting HOPE Foundation aims to dedicate its mission, focus and collective resources to promote and advance the stability and transformation of the socio-economic growth and development, education, spiritual care, food security and environmental awareness to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and underprivileged communities in South Africa.

Due to the more recent economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other unfortunate contributing factors that bring with it varied levels of instability, uncertainty and suffering to our people, we could possibly see millions of our lower income citizens go hungry this year.

Underprivileged children in particular, need our immediate assistance and support to survive the educational instability, access to balanced nutritional diets and food insecurity, increase in domestic violence and child abuse and the lack of essential products and services to support a more healthy and secure family and community environment. The time to respond to these necessities is now but we cannot do it on our own. We need the support and financial assistance of ordinary (generous) people who appreciate and understand the importance of community service as a collective duty and responsibility to the stability of those less fortunate.

Thankfully we have witnessed during this time of crisis how across South Africa, community and faith-based institutions, agencies and other private and public entities have begun to mobilize their efforts and resources to help individuals and families in need. The various efforts might differ from elaborate outcomes to the more traditional objectives of community and public service but what is undeniable, is the fact that we cannot simply sit back and depend alone on the efforts and resources of government to help the most vulnerable people in our society. This is and must surely be a collective drive for holistic unity, growth, development and stability for the greater good of all our citizens of South Africa and indeed for the greater good of all of humanity.

Diversity with a shared common purpose for community development and stability is not a weakness to our democracy but rather strengthens the very existence of growth, development and prosperity in a society that is still largely divided between the rich and the poor. Therefore, community development or the lack thereof on most levels doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It is being spurred on by numerous converging trends of historic importance:

the steadily increasing insecurities of the global economic era–which, in turn, are generating a demand for new approaches to local economic instability; and
the dramatic and rapidly expanding fiscal crisis at all levels of government due to corruption in certain instances, maladministration and mismanagement of fund–which is systematically forcing consideration by the private entities to alternatives that promise new ways to achieve service delivery and supporting revenues for community development and stability.

In short, as many matters of serious instability are exposed in provincial, local and municipal levels of government in our Province and across the country – as a result of these mismanagement of funds, ordinary and responsible South Africans have begun building institutions and private enterprises to make their communities more stable and economically viable, offer a greater sense of security, further the goal of equality and strengthen democratic practices and participation to the building of communities and a nation that cares for one another irrespective of our indifference’s. This is the holistic goal of Planting HOPE Foundation – to steadily and continually strive to build new and alternative forms of economic activity, community service and development across our Province and our country.

By becoming an active and supportive Member of Planting HOPE Foundation you would be brings together, collective strategies, programmes, projects and services which would drive these proactive goals for community stability and security. Furthermore, your consideration in terms of a donation of kindness and compassion would indeed strengthen our chances to deliver more food, essential products and services to a community or family in need.