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trees4hope: Trees for Tomorrow

The tradition of Christmas trees is rooted in pre-Christian times where the Northern Hemisphere's winter solstice December 21st marked the shortest day and longest night. In the frozen heart of midwinter, evergreen trees became beacons of life and hope in an otherwise bleak landscape.

Intimately connected with humankind, trees are powerful universal symbols of wisdom, fertility, growth and renewal. Our very existence depends on trees and forests: acting as great green lungs of the planet, they produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide; are intricately involved in the water cycle, create fertile top soil and with their elaborate root system, prevent soil erosion and hold deserts at bay. Trees and forests are veritable storehouses of natural resources, generously providing raw materials, timber, food, fodder, medicine, spices, shade and shelter. Natural cradles of biodiversity, forests are dynamic, interconnected communities, supporting a myriad of life forms, great and small. We share a common destiny and it’s time we invest in that future wisely... by planting Trees for Tomorrow.

This year, to celebrate the festive season and off-set the cost of Christmas Trees felled for decoration, pledge to plant #trees4hope. Your R150 per tree will help reforest the ancient Platbos Forest.