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Playalot Academy

Playalot (Pty) Ltd is in process to pioneer a new adventure park concept with ample facilities and amenities to support social investment as an after school initiative for Grade 3 learners.

The initiative was received with much enthusiasm during explorative meetings with officials from the Northern District of the Western Cape Education Department as well as by the management teams of Quintile 1 schools that were nominated by the District Office.

The Academy has the capacity to provide extra teaching and remedial support to 120 Grade 3 learners and their class teachers at the Playalot Adventure Park, starting from the second term of 2020.

The organisation will be properly staffed with seasoned Foundation Phase remedial teachers and other professional facilitators who are ready to commence with classes in Mathematics, Reading & Writing, Physical Training and Play, Visual Arts, Chess and Robotics for 4 days per week from Mondays to Thursdays.

The performance of the beneficiary learners will be continuously measured during Third Grade and thereafter up to Grade 12 and into their possible tertiary careers.

Playalot (Pty) Ltd Adventure Park will invest in ample class room space and services, transport vehicles and staff, security and support services to cover R835 833 (31%) of the Academy’s budget.

It is expected that the statistics, built up over time by Playalot Academy, will not only prove the effectiveness of the Playalot Academy intervention, but might provide an alternative best practice model that could be blue-printed and duplicated by other Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

This life-line that we extend annually to 120 worthy children during their Foundation Phase at school, implicitly extends the hope of individual lives completed in the freedom of opportunity in this 21st century world.