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Positive Flames South Africa

The Positive Flames South Africa is a non-profit, voluntary body established by the concerned youth of North-West and Gauteng in 2015 who themselves committed to providing a platform for the inspiration, development, rehabilitation and empowerment of youth in communities where we operate in the country.
The Organisation aims to be a united, non-racial and non – sexist NGO that helps youth to create connections on multiple dimensions - personal, professional and business - throughout their career. It also creates opportunities for creative and innovative youth to grow their initiatives, promotes opportunities to support, connect and grow youth in economic development which ensures sustainable livelihoods, through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, developing and recognizing excellence in youth.
As a national organisation with regional branches, it also provides local and national forums where members can exchange ideas, be informed about topical issues and create social development and general business opportunities.It acts as a lobby group on rural/semi-urban and informal settlements, peoples socioeconomic challenges that directly affects their development and increase unemployment, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse.
Through strategic partnerships with sponsors, donors, other non-profit organization, leading companies and local center’s of education, sports, arts recreation and skills development. Positive Flames South Africa will organize events and opportunities to advance the interests and needs of rural youth for economic empowerment and development principles espoused in South Africa’s transformation agenda.
Positive Flames South Africa members commits to the following clauses as highlighted in our Constitution: