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Pretoria Sanctuary of Light

We represent the Pretoria Sanctuary of Light, a Spiritualist Church in Pretoria, South Africa, which was established some 7 years ago when a group of 7 like-minded people got together in the lounge of one of the member’s homes to start a new church for Spiritualism in Pretoria.

From these humble beginnings we rented a house which was due for demolition, which we converted into a Church with a hall for services, a separate healing and circle room and a library for donated books on spiritual matters. After 3 years we were forced out by the developers and hired a scout hall, and currently are operating on Sunday mornings from the Local Mason’s Hall, where we have an attendance which varies from 35 – 100 people and numerous friends from the world of Spirit every Sunday morning. We have healing available before the service and healers and counsellors available outside of service hours to help those who come seeking.

We support various charities such as Eleos (a care centre for over 200 children from destitute families whose only meal daily is that which they are fed at the centre in Daspoort West of Pretoria), Wet Nose – an organisation which looks after animals which have been abused, a local hospice as well as members of our own congregation who are in need.

We raise funds through events held at the hall such as Mystic Fairs, Healing afternoons, clairvoyant multiple circle evenings, raffles and our collection at service which is meagre to say the least.

Our dream that we are putting out to the Universe for manifestation is to have our own Sanctuary as soon as possible, as the property values are increasing quicker than we can raise funds to realise such this dream.