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Project Playground

Project Playground strengthens children’s and youth’s personal and social development through after-school activities, sports and educational support programs five days a week. Everyone between the ages 4 and 21, regardless of background, is welcome to join us. As of today, Project Playground operates in three townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa; Langa, Philippi and Gugulethu with a total of 750 children and youth participating in our activities such as:

• Soccer, netball, music, dance, art and drama.
• Below 8 classes with enriching educational games for children 4-8 years old.
• Daily operation for disabled children and young adults with individually adapted work therapy and training.
• Psychological support e.g. therapists and play therapy.
• Outside influence e.g. parental contact, home visits, cooperation with local authorities such as the social services and the police.
• Daily nutritious meals.
• Enriching and stimulating trips during weekends and holidays.

Project Playground’s methods of teaching focuses on the individual, where we acknowledge, strengthen and support each participant based on his or her potential and ability. As a locally established organization local employees run all our operations. In this way we also make sure the local culture is preserved. Our staff does not only lead activities, they are also role models and mentors to our participants. But foremost, they are secure and loving adults, who are there for the child, regardless of the situation.