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PRU Canine Rescue and Rehome NPC

PRU Canine Rescue and Rehome NPC


PAWS R US is a CANINE RESCUE GROUP and registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) - reg no 2013/209587/08 (PRU Canine Rescue and Rehome).

We focus specifically on the rescue, networking and rehabilitation of RESCUE DOGS.

We are NOT a shelter. We have joined hands with approximately 20 foster homes spread throughout Gauteng, and we make use of rescue kennels.

Our team members have full-time employment, but have chosen to take on animal rescue work in-between. So yes - it is a mad juggling act - but so very much worth it!

We make use of our Facebook page to achieve the following objectives:
a) Build the "PAWS R US" name and reputation so that we have a stronger foundation of support and resources from which to rescue, network and re-home animals in need.
b) Showcase our rescues in our Adoption Albums so that they have as much opportunity as possible to be seen and networked so that they can find responsible forever or foster homes.
c) Support the larger animal welfare structures like the SPCA's, Animal Anti-Cruelty Leagues (AACL) and Animal Welfare Societies (AWS) by sharing and networking their orphans in need.

You will therefore find that the PAWS R US page gives you a "one stop" platform aimed at showcasing the many orphans available for adoption at a number of shelters around the country.

If you join our page, we ask that you become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in harnessing social media for the well-being of those in need. Therefore, we ask you to please SHARE all the furry ones so that they may get as much exposure as possible - every share sends out a ripple of hope, and improves their chances of finding their forever homes.

We have to raise and generate our own funds in order to a) support our rescues in kennels, b) support our foster home network with food, and other items, and c) manage our bill at our rescue vet - the Bergbron Animal Clinic on the West Rand, JHB.
You will therefore see us posting appeals from time to time based on specific rescue cases, as well as posting information on our DEBIT ORDER SYSTEM, and our SMS line, and other fundraising initiatives.

All of these efforts ensure that we can take care of the rescue dogs in our care.

Let it never be said that we chose to do nothing, when we have the talents, and the passion, and the ability to do something.

CONTACT: Contact us on for more information.
Given that we all have full-time employment, we are not able to provide contact telephone numbers. However, we strive to ensure that all incoming emails are responded to within a maximum period of 48 hours.