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Pulse legacy production SA

We are a small yet dynamic group of individuals aimed to make a difference within our poverty and crime-stricken communities reaching the future leaders of this country. We have seen and experience how poverty and crime has impacted our youth and how it increases every day. We are no strangers to it and each and everyone one of us has been affected by it in some way or another ourselves. Even though being affected by it, nothing compares to the lives of our young people living daily in an environment of neglect, abuse, crime and poverty.
The team at Pulse Legacy Production are all involved in developing young lives. Whether be through our everyday employment or through this organisation we are striving to change the lives of our youth. We have been involved in Early Childhood Development, Education and Training Development and also volunteering our time to Disaster Relief Programs. Our team also has extensive experience within music and video production industry, Web and Application Development as well as other cultural activities. We have therefore decided to establish this organisation to assist in making a difference as an everyday part of our lives to assist in a holistic development process within the lives of our youth.

Our core focus in this organisation are:
1. After school Programmes:
We aim to reach Primary and High School Learners by using E-Learning to aid in Mathematics, Literacy and Life Skills Programmes. We also aim to develop basic IT skills through implementing programming courses such as coding, gaming and web development.
2. Disaster Relief Projects:
We aim to bring relief in communities where disasters are most likely to occur as well as bring awareness in preventing disasters within their communities.
3.Youth Development: Media, Technology, Music, Arts and Culture Projects:
a. Video and TV Broad Casting – We aim to develop young people skills in video and TV Broadcasting by training them in Digital Filming, Camera work, Editing and Cutting, Vision Mixing, Producing and Directing.
b. Music Production: We aim to encourage young people to use the talents and gifts in the Music, arts and culture to build their courage to perform, write and compose music, record music and produce their work.
c. Art and Photographers Gallery: We aim to have exhibitions of talented youth displaying their art work and photography.
d.IT: We aim to create a space for the youth to gather with like-minded individuals to practice their skills in coding. We will have mentorship and development sessions to build their skills and equip them better for the workplace, whether they are studying or it is self-taught skills.
Pulse Legacy will run most of these objectives as projects ensuring timelines and budgets are met in this time period. We will ensure that the best training, mentorship and development will take place ensuring that these individuals walk out equipped, ready and able to pursue their goals. Our aim is also teaching the youth to give back to their communities and help others like themselves through allowing them to get involved in our outreach programmes. To lead others, one must serve one another.