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Queen Masindi Mphephu Ramabulana Foundation is a fundraising initiative to cover the legal costs for the Princess to reclaim her rightful royal position currently occupied by her uncle a regent Peter Toni Mphephu. The purpose of this fundraising initiative is also to ignite or lit a candle towards total rural women emancipation. Princess Masindi is a rightful hereditary enthroned by birth as the only child of her late father who was the King.

With regard to cognitive and reasonable royal standing, Princess Masindi when her late father died she was too young to take up the responsibilities as a Queen leading to her Uncle Peter Toni Mphephu becoming a regent on her place waiting for her to grow and take up the throne.

For far too long women have been oppressed in many ways for being women, leading to a point wherein their capabilities to rise above the rest has been undermined by men who think women are not capable to lead. As a results today we have a regent King Toni Mphephu resisting from handing over the reins to the Princess even though he is aware that she is now ready and prepared to take up her responsibilities.

Princess Masindi Mphephu Ramabulana has been oppressed and victimized from birth and had her pride, throne being stolen. It is against such background that Queen Masindi Mphephu Ramabulana Foundation initiative became alive primarily to undo all the imbalances of the past.

We call upon all institutions, professionals, rural men and women, entrepreneurs and business people of our country to partake in the fundraising drive to assist the Princess in her vision to develop and increase African pride by contributing for a total emancipation of people as a whole.

The funds to be collected will not only be directed to cover legal costs but it will eventually assist in developing young women in business, bursaries and skills development programs

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