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QueerSA Social Development NPC

QueerSA is a registered non-profit company based in Johannesburg. Over the next year we will work on stigma reduction, suicide prevention and drug dependency in the queer community of South Africa. At QueerSA we believe that all organisations that deliver services and programmes to our community must work together to achieve common goals that benefit the everyday queer in the street. Our first programme is to be launched in October 2017 and we have decided to turn to the community we aim to serve. Donors can be assured that funds will be used for the betterment of our queer community.

From 17 May 2017 to 27 June 2017 we are running the #Donate2QueerSA challenge where our aim is to get 3000 people to give a minimum of R50 each to QueerSA. This challenge has two objectives: to get 3000 queers and allies to show solidarity in a cause, and, rather than merely expressing outrage on social media, for them to reach into their pockets and donate to that cause.

At the height of the AIDS crisis in the 80s, communities – queer and straight allies – banded together to take action in spite of government indifference. Thirty years later similar indifference is still evident in the handling of queer issues. While your donations will be used for the betterment of our queer community, QueerSA also wants to prove that queers and allies can still band together to solve the problems we face, regardless of the sociopolitical challenges we endure.

Together, as a people, we can achieve anything.

Sven Hourquebie
Director of Communications & Fundraising