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Race Walking Development Trust George

The Race-walking Development Trust (RWDT) is a not-for-profit organisation. The RWDT was established by members out of their passion for race-walking and their exposure to the realities of the challenges and obstacles faced by talented athletes from disadvantaged and poor backgrounds.
The RWDT model is based on the personal experience and outstanding success of one its founder members in nurturing a group of talented young race walkers, all from severely disadvantaged homes and communities, to become extremely successful athletes.
RWDT Athletes
All of the talented young athletes who benefit from RWDT’s support come from severely disadvantaged and very poor backgrounds majority mainly based in Soweto. Almost all have either one parent or guardian or no parents. Most of the parents and siblings are unemployed and some are reliant on small social grants. There is very little money for food and medical care, certainly no money for race license fees, taxi fares to races and training events, race entrance fees, sporting apparel, etc.
All of the athletes live in apartheid era “townships” in Gauteng and go to poor performing schools, with no guarantee of a matric and certainly no opportunities for further education. There are three groups of athletes, the original group who are now aged between 20 and 30 years; the younger group are high school age; and the sub-junior group who are at senior primary school age.
The core activities are mainly done in our monthly hour challenges based in UJ Soweto campus where the identification, training, supporting and nurturing of identified suitable talented athletes, caring for their broader wellbeing, opening up opportunities for as well and liaising with the athletes families and guardians financial management, relationship building etc.
On a daily basis the public benefit activities (PBA) are monitored and being run by Trustees.