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RADA Inspirational Centre

RADA is a non-profit organisation committed to the eradication of society’s gravest and most pressing social ills. RADA adopts a holistic approach to addressing issues of addiction and abuse, with a pro-active side through training and a reactive side through healing. At RADA, the focus is on self-responsibility and self-awareness, an important attribute that can redefine the way we treat others. Respect, tolerance and understanding of others is critical in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all.
RADA strives to create change in individuals and encourages people to give thought to the way they react to everyday situations and in doing so inspires others to do the same. This is the start to a ripple effect which brings about positive change in the world around us.
The successes thus far can be accredited to the involvement of individual citizens, the media, sponsors and partnerships who all form part of the collective RADA Angels family.
During the course of last year RADA together with sponsors AGT Foods and KIA Motors SA provided close to half a million meals through their monthly food deliveries to impoverished communities around Gauteng.
RADA Training Academy (RTA) joined forces with NextGen enabling RTA to provide 23 learnerships and 140 personal development and soft skills short courses to corporates and subsidized courses to underprivileged communities. Based in Randburg this education centre provides workshops and SETA accredited courses where they currently train individuals from the corporate sector as well as individuals from the community which is largely sponsored. RTA offers subsidised courses in; • Call centre training • Computer training and Receptionist training • Career development training • Life-skills and economic empowerment training Additional accredited courses include Business Learnerships, Skills Development Courses and Computer Training. Visit RTA website for more information regarding what is on offer Section 18 A’s and BBBEE points are available for corporates who train through RTA.
RADA has over the years adopted various projects and homes which are supported monthly. RADA PROJECTS: • Diepkloof Community Centre (Soweto) – RADA has set up a library for the community to use, more specifically the children in the area who can use this as an after-school center where they can do their homework and have access to books and research materials. • Philippolis Project (Orange Free State) – RADA together with Tiger Canyon are working with the community of Philippolis on various projects. Philippolis is the 4th poorest town in South Africa with an unemployment rate of 80% in a town which consists of around 3000 residents. Projects include providing re-useable sanitary pads (MiPad)to all the girls in the town aged between 12 and 19 in 2020 and then to continue providing RADA MiPads to girls entering high school each year. • RADA began its Blanket drive in August, collecting blue blankets at special events for the homeless and those in need. This project will continue into 2020 and they will be distributed during the winter months. • RADA soup kitchens being held throughout the province. With their focus on bringing comfort to those desperately in need, the team together with partners AGT Foods Africa increased their humanitarian efforts by supplying meals where needed and increasing their monthly food donations from their wide range of pulses, grains, seeds, flours and pea protein. In just four months RADA handed out 2400 soup cups to the homeless in various communities around Gauteng. • RADA MiPad – reusable sanitary pads for girls. Aimed at keeping girls in school throughout the year. Focused on empowerment and equality for all. ** separate proposal attached • November and December are months of celebrations, Alpha Technologies host a birthday bash for the 45 orphans of Thato KeMatla, in Orange Farm. RADA then puts together year-end parties for the children of Diepkloof, Soweto and Orange Farm, a little kindness goes a long way. • RADA focus on the abuse of drugs and alcohol, an integral function of the non-profit. RADA is an acronym for rape, alcohol, drug, abuse and began construction of its own rehabilitation facility in 2019. Based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, the rehab will be fully functional by the second half of 2020 and will play a large role in empowering people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. • RADA Unearthed offers a full solution to an artist ranging from a state-of-the-art recording studio with a full marketing package including media content, through to organising world class live events. We build close relationships with our artists and strive to walk the journey together. • RADA music project - RADA assists people with little or no means to help realise their dreams. RADA ADOPTED HOMES: • Thato KeMatla Orange Farm Orphanage a place of safety and foster home - houses 45 orphaned and/or abandoned children from birth up to 18 years – as far as development goes and where there is a need for corporate funding and to raise money, RADA wants to create a safe and secure ‘park/sports field’ adjacent to the home for the children of the orphanage to play in. RADA also has plans to build a second home in the same area, so that more children can be housed and helped. Plans and budgets have been drawn up the building project will kick-off in 2020. • Bryanston Country Club Charity Trust - The RADA team support 107 caddies by providing them with food on a monthly basis, which is distributed by the Trust to the caddis and their families. • The Community Police Forum of Orange Farm consists of around 400 members. They assist the local police to keep the community safe and crime free. • Vuyiswa Home for the Disabled - place of care which caters for up to 120 people who suffer from a range of mental and physical disabilities based in Orange Farm. • Andries Meyer Old Age Home in Eldorado Park – takes care of 80 frail, sick and or elderly individuals. Social workers also visit and take care of other pensioners in the vicinity of the home. • USizo Thuso After Care Facility and Community Farming Development – in Lawley south of Johannesburg, focuses on education and agriculture. The afterschool program for the youth living in the area provide them with facilities to search for jobs and assistance in gaining employment. The younger children go to the center to do homework where a mentorship program is in place to assist children with any issues they may be facing. • Gerald Fitzpatrick House – based in Bertrams, Johannesburg – consists of a frail care facility and home for the elderly with capacity for 60 women residents. • Sandown High School – RADA assists struggling students and child headed households based in Alexandra township who attend school at Sandown High in Sandton • MES Kempton Park – RADA supports a homeless shelter situated in the CBD of Kempton Park on the East Rand which has been in operation since 2010. MES has a staff of 10 people who assist and support those trying to survive on the streets. There is an overnight shelter which accommodates 50 adults (40 males and 10 females) and a community kitchen which provides daily meals to the homeless and unemployed. Weekly food parcels are handed out to 60 families, this includes elderly individuals living in Kempton Park city center. • Simunye Early Childhood Development (ECD) Academy based in De Deur, in the Vaal Triangle, Gauteng. The pre-primary school has 67 learners aged between 2 and 6 years. The 6 qualified staff follow the curriculum set out by the Department of Education, to prepare children for Grade 1 (first year of primary school).