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Ramsgate Community Police Forum

Ramsgate Community Police Forum Donation Pledge Website.

The Ramsgate Community Police Forum relies on community and business funding. Current donations cover our monthly operational expenses.
We would love to do more and we can't do it without you.

We ask that you from time to time, make contributions to our wish list details of which is below. Not all our needs are directly crime related but it sure does make our job easier.

Current wish list:
1. Replace CPF office laptop. R5000
2. Replace CPF office signage R-
3. Paint inside of CPF office.R-
4. High visibility boards that show areas protected by surveillance and cameras. R5000
5. Build up a fund to reward people that provide us with information that leads to an arrest and prosecution. R10 000.

Any donations in the form of sponsorship will result in a large amount of exposure to our Ramsgate database for mutual benefit. We ask local business to donate we will promote your business to our database.

Please select any amount.
All funds are paid directly into the audited bank account of the CPF and are accounted for.

Notify the office of your donation if you require proof for tax purposes and if you would like funding directed at specific project.

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