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Ramsgate Community Police Forum

Ramsgate Community Police Forum Donation Pledge Website.

The Ramsgate Community Police Forum relies on community and business funding. Current donations cover our monthly operational expenses.
We would love to do more and we can't do it without you.

Any donations in the form of sponsorship will result in a large amount of exposure to our Ramsgate database for mutual benefit. We ask local business to donate we will promote your business to our database.

Current funding need:
A) Covert Camera Roll-out
We would like to deploy a min of 4 to 6 cameras per sector. There are 9 sectors. We can also arrange to have one dedicated camera per street if enough people donate.
Current cost of camera and accessories is R7000. A once off donation of R1000 from 7 houses will allow us to install a dedicated 24/7 camera per street.

B) Purchase of Panic button App for Ramsgate residents. Cost R10 000-00
We are looking for 10 business donors to assist us with this purchase. Considerable exposure can be negotiated for sponsors.

Please select any amount.
All funds are paid directly into the audited bank account of the CPF and are accounted for.

Notify the office of your donation if you require proof for tax purposes and if you would like funding directed at specific project.

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