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Ramson Cross Foundation

The Ramson Cross Foundation provides a strategic integrated approach to philanthropy resulting in a positive Rate of Impact from donations and ultimately a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for the beneficiary, donor and organisation.

The Philanthropy offering is a sophisticated blend of three main components:
1. The donor - understanding their identities, aspirations and needs. Their legacy.
2. The “Investment” -managing the philanthropic giving. Establishing the necessary structures and governance of the funds, with the required management and administration services to ensure the giving is maximised.
3. The giving - professionalising the entire process: designing the strategy, identifying the target market, establishing clear objectives and a tangible desired impact.

With our expertise and impartial advice donors can ensure they give in an impactful and meaningful manner. Our approach will help donors build a strategy and culture of giving that will have real social impact with all the requisite safeguards, such as governance, systems, controls, due diligence, management and reporting. To make and measure any impact, it is important to be able to carry out thorough due diligence on non-profit schemes. One needs to know what it takes to operate a charity, how to assess the management team, and staff complement, quantify their experience and examine their accounts.

The Ramson Cross Foundation will endorse charities that submit to scrutiny and qualify. Donors will hesitate to fund non profits that are not so endorsed.

The Ramson Cross Foundation will make giving easy and more effective. It will encourage entry-level opportunities so that beginner-donors can get their feet wet and taste the emotional, spiritual and financial rewards of supporting charities.

Confidentiality is guaranteed if that is what our donors require. On the other hand, should publicity and exposure be valued, RCF will undertake to provide it.