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Raziela Faith International Centre

Raziel Skill center is a non-profit organization that aids impoverished communities with the aim of alleviating poverty and illiteracy amongst community members, especially the Youth.
We offer to those in need Food, blankets, clothes, basic necessities, skills, and development to the destitute.
Aim/Objectives Our aim is to see every member of these communities finding their way out of poverty through the skills and programs that we are offering.
We want to develop useable skills that young and old can use, most government-funded NPOs focus on agriculture and basic computer skills. We want to introduce and develop programming skills, and hand craft skills. and in the future, we plan to sell their crafts online.
The core of our program is to fight poverty, drugs, and teenage pregnancy and reduce school drop-outs in our underdeveloped communities, by empowering young people with skills they can use to create employment or find it.
Our programs include computer security, Sage Pastel, Social Media and Google, Digital Marketing, Arts literacy, Feeding Schemes, and Plant a seed program. and helping young people prepare for the working world.