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Readers R Leaders

Our ultimate aim is to have a ‘sustained reading explosion’ in our communities with the aim of creating an awareness of the importance of reading for our future educational endeavours' as well as for enjoyment purposes. We do this by offering one-on-one reading assistance at schools, setting up book-clubs at community libraries, having Street Libraries which offers books to “book starved communities”, reading at nursery schools and involving parents in the reading assistance that we offer to their children. The latter will be done by inviting speakers to address parents on weekends on the importance of reading for their children’s future education. We use people such as, Professor Lilly of UNISA Department of Linguistics and (late) Chris Van Wyk, a successful author from our communities. In addition to this we speak regularly on our local community radio stations Kofifi FM and Radio Florida. We make use of well know celebrities to speak to learners about the importance of reading for their educational futures. In addition, house visits and workshops are arranged for parents, ECD workers and care givers on how to assist their pre-school and primary school children with pre-school preparation and those who are at school, how to support them.
Our ongoing goals is always to motivate and inspire learners and provide them with the necessary tools to read fluently; and to create awareness of the link between reading for enjoyment, education and career success.
The organisation’s main objectives are:
2.1 To provide reading assistance to children who require assistance;
2.2 To train volunteers in methodologies that would assist them when helping children who require assistance with their reading;
2.3 To set up reading clubs in schools and the broader community;
2.4 To work with adults (parents, care-giver, priests, etcetera) within the community to embed in them the importance of reading for children’s educational future;
2.5 To establish similar organization, to be associated with RRL in other communities;
2.6 To establish an organizational structure that would plan, supervise and manage the organization.