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Readers Society of South Africa

Readers Society of South Africa

To foster a culture of reading in Southern Africa across all formats, ranging from hardcover publications to newspapers, through the development of reading skills within all levels of society:

Encouraging reading as a preferred method of entertainment, through an extensive
marketing platform, such as radio, TV, Newspapers, and internet, and by including celebrities, successful business persons, sports stars and educators as positive role models;

To altogether, strengthen the South African publishing industry by promoting SA writers, which will result in more book sales for local publishers, which will then further enable these publishing houses to sign new authors and order larger first print runs;

To support new authors in honing their craft by making available crucial
information pertaining to both national and international publishing industries, through a public portal, easily accessible from our website, as well as at strategic locations, such as libraries and schools;

Making South Africans proud of SA authors through media marketing projects, broadcasting the message that our artists are just as capable of delivering a great product as any international writer;

As well as working with established companies and organizations on various
campaigns to bring awareness to the wider public, through innovative media exposure, about the illiteracy rate in South Africa;

To create a future for children in South Africa, living in rural areas, by giving
them crucial reading and writing skills that will support their dreams of getting a degree at University; thus reducing the illiteracy rate of South Africans, which could indirectly decrease unemployment related crimes and suicides, thus nurturing a healthier, more enlightened society;

Participating in original, literacy based projects, as well as developing, initiating and executing such creative projects at the best opportunity, whatever and wherever that may be;